ALL assignments must be completed within a year of the speaking date.

To view the assignment requirements click on the links below:

Dr. Nadir Sharifi- AGD-OD CourseAssignment or  AGD-RPD CourseAssignment– Oct 2014 (presentation deadline Oct 2015)

Dr. Charles Goodacre and Dr. Rhys Spoor-  Fixed Prosthetics and implant course assignment

Dr. Ted Reese- Oct Assignment (presentation deadline Oct 2016)

Clinical Assignments and Presentation Requirements

Click on the link to view the Clinical Assignment Critique Form:  Clinical Assignment Critique

The Academy of General Dentistry and the Fast Track committee assist and enable all doctors involved to set and achieve their goal of Fellowship and eventually Mastership.

To avoid any discrepancy between hours awarded and those expected we want to make available the following guidelines that the Academy will follow.

Attendance is mandatory during lecture hours to be awarded CE credits.  There will be attendance taken, we still expect all attendees to be serious about their education and honorable in their commitment.  If conflicts arise that require your absence during part of the weekend meeting, please report this to Dr. Ted Reese or his assistant Shannon Gossett, who handles the CE recording and reporting.  You will not be penalized, but credited only for the time present.


The presentation of clinical assignments is intended to serve the following purposes:


  1. Determine and adequate level of clinical expertise has been demonstrated by the clinician candidate for his/ her MAGD
  2. Provide a format for learning that not only the presenter benefits from in completing the assignment, but also the attendees may learn from also.
  3. Award CE participation hours for MAGD candidates based on the various discipline categories published in the course manual or course brochure.  We will allow a maximum of 2 years to retroactively switch participation hours into alternate disciplines to meet an individual candidates necessary categories for MAGD.  This only applies to switching among the disciplines as listed in the course manual/ brochure.
  4. Presentation attendance is encouraged for all seminar attendees whether they plan to complete the clinical assignment or not.  For those attending the following Friday and Saturday lectures, there is no fee to attended the preceding Friday afternoons presentations.  Attending the presentation and observing will provide you with four hours of lecture CE only at no charge if registered for the preceding lecture.  Attending the presentation session will allow those wishing to become involved or considering MAGD status will learn how to prepare, complete and present the clinical assignments.
  5. An attendee has one year from the time of the lecture to complete and present the clinical assignment for full participation credit.  It is strongly encouraged that you complete the assignment within the next six months, but if circumstances or scheduling conflicts prevent you form attending the following course, you may present at the next rotation, i.e. one year maximum from the time the lecture was given.
  6. For those doctors who feel their practice is not conducive to completing a particular disciplines assignment, Dr. Reese may allow assignment of a literature review/ research assignment may be presented in place of the clinical assignment.  This is the exception, not the rule, and may not be done for more than two disciplines for the same MAGD candidate.
  7. All presentations are to be presented on 35 mm slides or PowerPoint presentations unless otherwise instructed.  Written narratives may be requested for some assignments as well.
  8. Partial completion of the assignment or poorly documented cases of the completed assignment, will only be awarded partial CE credit.  A “slide by” effort and attitude will not be accepted.  Such situations will be reviewed by the Fast Track committee and we will be h apply to give any doctor the chance to prove himself again if desired.