Fast Track Program

The Fast Track to Excellence is a continuing education continuum under sponsorship of the Indiana Academy of General Dentistry. Our intention and desire is to provide current, relevant, and practical continuing education for the general practitioner in all aspects of dentistry. We will provide and select dental clinicians and speakers (academians, researchers and practicing dentists alike) who have demonstrated superior knowledge and skills related to the subject matter of each course. Our course will rotate through the various disciplines of dentistry to cover all aspects involved in the general practice. The lectures are intended to be relevant for practical training for those seeking to expand their treatment skills or serve as a knowledge base for those desiring to keep their understanding and recommendations current to the standard of care.

Each Fast Track session will function as an excellent stand alone CE lecture experience. The Fast Track is also designed and began as a vehicle to function as a participation course for those seeking to fulfill their FAGD and MAGD requirements. It is our intention to fulfill the needs for any and all practicing clinicians of dentistry wishing to further their skills and knowledge.

FAGD and MAGD candidates will be given clinical assignments following each session for in office completion and return to “present” these assignments on the Friday evening after the schedule meeting concludes for the day. The purpose of the presentation is to document the completion of the assignment and to share the learning experience with other doctors attending. Presentation sessions typically cover failures of treatment as well as the successful treatment and trouble shooting problematic scenarios which proves to be of benefit to all in attendance.

The rotation of disciplines will vary depending upon availability of qualified speakers and programs.  The Fast Track to Excellence series is designed to facilitate achievement for the fellowship/mastership candidate. The program equally serve the needs of all general practitioners wishing to keep current on the cutting edge of the new trends and techniques developing in dentistry and to receive a diversified clinical education.

Your course handouts and manual is designed to help you learn as well as serve as a tool to apply in your practice. Unlike other CE opportunities, the Fast Track to Excellence has the advantage of being sponsored by an academy that focuses on CE for GP’s.  The Fast Track to Excellence is designed to help you learn as well for others to learn from you. Take advantage of this opportunity!

The meeting includes lunches, which are served in the open forum area reserved for course attendees only. During lunch you are encouraged to participate in “lunch and learn”. “Lunch and learn” is an opportunity to learn and share some management pearls from your colleagues relating to the dental discipline being studied. Because this is directly related to your CE experience the additional hours of study are reflected in the hours awarded.

Camaraderie with your peers

Although this is an Indiana program, we have many doctors that fly in to take our programs because of the maximum benefit we offer. Whether you are sitting next to a classmate or new colleague from two states away, many of our doctors enjoy the opportunity to learn from their peers as much as from the lecture.

Each session has at least one night of an organized social function, whether it be dinner out in Indianapolis, a reception at the hotel or an evening hosted by one of our local members.

Painless Presentations!!!

Many clinicians cringe at the thought of having to speak in a public setting or show their work on a big screen in front of fellow doctors, but come and give our Hoosier Hospitality the benefit of the doubt. Presentations have a minimum standard and fully complete the assignment to receive full credit, but help is available to mentor new presenters. To protect the value of the MAGD designation and credibility of MAGD alumni, we expect best efforts from all presenters, but you won’t be embarrassed or “frowned” upon while you develop your PowerPoint skills.