Continuing education courses do not necessarily reflect the philosophies of the Indiana Academy of General Dentistry or the Academy of General Dentistry. Sponsorship of a continuing education course by the Indiana Academy of General Dentistry/ Academy of General Dentistry does not imply subject matter, product and procedure or techniques endorsement.

Courses may include subject matter of an experimental and/or controversial nature and commercial references. This material is offered to the profession for educational and information purposes in a spirit of academic freedom.

Course participants are responsible for evaluating their own skill levels in implementing course offerings and must judge for themselves their own adequacy and ability to implement procedures, techniques that are new to the dental practice or considered controversial.

Participants are encouraged to seek multiple/advanced courses and in-depth hands on programs from highly respected clinicians, programs, internships, residencies and/or dental schools before implementing complex procedures that may have an ever increasing potential to cause irreversible harm to susceptible patients.

The Indiana Academy of General Dentistry hereby disclaims any and all responsibility/ liability, which may be asserted or claimed arising from or claimed to have arisen from performance or utilization of techniques/procedures presented by lectures/presenters.