The Indiana AGD Master Track Program is an incredible Dental educational experience, totally unparalleled by any other continuing education in my experience. Superlative information with in depth lectures are rotated every six months through all of the dental disciplines. Although the lectures are outstanding, the Master Track program allows Dentists to turn each lecture series into participation credit hours which can be used toward attaining the AGD Mastership status. An assignment is given at the end of the lecture series and anyone who chooses, makes a presentation at one of the next two meetings.

The Indiana AGD Master Track Program format gave me such great personal and professional satisfaction. The program was so inviting and interesting that lunches were also a forum for learning from one another. Dinner reservations were even made for the participants further deepening the feeling of camaraderie between all of us. This particular learning situation challenged me to become an even more active listener and “student” since I knew I would be actually presenting the material in a few months to my Dental peers.

This Indiana AGD program surrounded me with fellow Dentists who also were trying to be the best clinicians they could be and the friendly competition that existed between the presenters fostered friendships that will last a lifetime. I often learned as much from the other presenters as I did from the original lecturer!

I would highly recommend this educational gem to all who wish to stretch themselves professionally because like me, I’ll bet you will do more than enhance your clinical skills. I found an enhanced confidence level and since of accomplishment that allowed me to evolve on many levels both personally and professionally!

Diane T. Arel, DDS, MAGD

There are several things I would say about my experiences with the AGD and the IAGD:

  1. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my patients. Period.
  2. I can’t conceive of any other program facilitating my growth as a person and a professional as much as the Continuing Education programs through the IAGD have.
  3. The entire Dental School environment fosters a “competition” mindset. There is NO other institution within the profession of dentistry that facilitates fellowship and sharing among colleagues in a non-confrontational manner quite like the IAGD. Some of my best relationships in the profession includes several of my acquaintances through the IAGD Fast Track programs.
  4. The general dentist has too many different hats to wear and too many battles to fight, to be great at all of them. Rotating through the Fast Track programs offers exposure to state of the art concepts and techniques in a variety of fields to keep a general practitioner current on topics of professional and personal concern.
  5. After 25 years of caring for patients and general practice, many of my colleagues are feeling “burnt out” and “out of date”. My commitment to Continuing Education has kept me feeling current and eager to try better techniques and materials for my patient care.
  6. Dental office overhead limits the C.E. that many doctors can afford. I’ve been through Pankey (expensive) and I’ve been through years of working with The Pride Institute traveling to programs from New York to California, Chicago to the Florida Keys. The programs through the IAGD bring the names in dentistry that I want to see and hear, to my area at a lower cost than any other program. Today, I will tell you that I’d love to have the time and money that I’ve wasted traveling to other states to attend programs that sometimes offered what I now find available locally, at dramatically lower cost.
  7. If I were counseling a new graduate from ANY dental school, the single most important advice I’d offer at the first opportunity would be for them to get involved in QUALITY CONTINUING EDUCATION at their first opportunity and stay there. Their patients deserve it and ignorance is way too expensive an alternative!”
Dr. Michael Stohler, DDS